How to create a personal site

written by Ekevoo on 2020-08-28

Well, it's very simple. Choose a technology and create it.

It's not just that, now is it? What's a website for? In this case I just want to use it as a bit of a braindump of my experiences and musings. I am hoping to hone an audience, but since I'm not too sure yet what my thoughts are, I'm not going to focus on that.

One thing that I have learned over the years in tech is that I tend to focus intensely in projects in short bursts. And I think the best way to keep this interesting (to me) is to leave the scope open ended, and finish just enough to ship out a blog I can use. So that's the why and what for. Essentially: I don't quite know yet, and I don't think I will ever know if I don't dive in and try. So here's me, doing that.

This is far from my first "blog". I've had a Blogger, then a LiveJournal, then I think I kinda used Twitter as one?, then the same goes for Facebook I guess, and most recently I tried Medium. After all of these experiences I've grown to hate that either these companies go into weird ownership transferrals, or they don't really bother keeping my history and prune most or all of it after a short while.

The next obvious answer is Wordpress, the most trusted Content Management System out there. I don't trust it. The most common word I've heard filling the blank in "our ~~~~ got hacked" is Wordpress. Now, I know Wordpress is mature and well-maintained. I know any Wordpress site will be fine if you lovingly tend to it, upgrade it and its plugins dilligently often, and so on. But I won't. I never have, and I also have no reason to believe I ever will.

So here I am, with Lektor.